- Patti Digh

tribecoach is the engine behind a strong culture

1. Find Leaders

There are people in your company that exemplify the founders mission. There are those that innovate, push past the status quo, collaborate with colleagues & clients for success. Your tribecoaches find these people and share the stories about them that reflect the positive culture you would like to create.

2. Impact Stories

A rising tide lifts all boats. Tribecoaches are trained how to discover and write meaningful impact stories that happen in your business. These impact stories connect your employees to one another and the mission/values
of the business

3. Culture Capital

Tribecoaches learn how to build long-lasting culture capital inside your organization by using our software and implementing programs that help employees get to know each other on a deeper level. Retaining and sharing impact stories brings out the best in your employees and models behavior that the business values while diving deeper and understanding the unique background and perspective we all have to offer.


tribecoach Certification

Certified Tribe Leaders are taught the tools needed to use stories to enhance company culture and preserve company legacy. This is online and one on one with a coach



Our Story Writers will document up to four Impact Stories every month. These stories might include highlights, failures, founding or value stories.


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