COVID-19 Special Offer

in an effort to help business get through this difficult time we have temporarily decreased the price of our virtual events to help employees feel more connected during this pandemic. 

How strong is your company culture?

Keep Your Tribe Together

Critical Connections

TribeVirtual Events use the power of zoom meetings to create an experience that will help your employees collaborate and feel more energized and connected to one another.
This is a great opportunity to open up authentic conversations and break down silos.

How We Facilitate Our Experience:


The best way to authentically connect people is creating a space where abundance can reside. We start all of our meetings teaching basic principles of abundance to ensure an energetic and successful connection experience.

Lead with a Giving Hand

Be authentic –Be respectful-Be open-Be aware 


We use the power of storytelling to connect members of a group to each-other. After setting ground rules, participants will be assigned to breakout rooms and begin by telling one of the timed story prompts to the other members. It is more critical than ever we create connective energy in a digital environment. This is how we do that.


Now that trust has been built between the group members, we move into “critical questions.” Each participant gets ten minutes to ask a “critical” question to the group. The group then spends the remainder of the individuals time collaborating to help that person.


Use the world’s sweetest private social platform + intranet to break down silos, accelerate trust and increase collaboration within your team or organization. Decide to Tribe — you’ll be glad you did.

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The shortest distance between two people is a story. Build stories in your business around your values that connect employees to bigger ideas.

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The key to a successful tribe is finding the right leader then giving them the vision, training, and tools needed to help them curate the culture of your company. This Tribe Certification program combines online and face-to-face coaching sessions to slingshot tribe leaders through launch and beyond.

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These connection experiences generally take 60-120 minutes.



Keep Your Tribe Together. During this pandemic, we have discounted this offering as a service to help businesses continue to motivate and connect their employees while they work from home.



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